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The problem with the nfl jersey sales have been struggling these days, after all, i from that era.

As a matter of fact, until this year, I started the first patriots jersey. I thought I had to buy some money from the house when I was in school , but I’ve always been rejected.After all, it’s too bad to buy a nfl jersey for $90 in the eyes of parents. That you don’t understand.So after I made money and became financially independent, I bought several jerseys in the past few months.

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I dare say that the first Nike NFL jerseys I bought by the overwhelming majority of China are such a replica jersey .The price of the people is its absolute advantage. Some people say the student party can save a NFL jersey. I can only say that these ideas are too simple.If you want to do a thing that you like,you will do your best to do them well!

If you are a fan of this jersey,you will like go get your signature and take a photo.Besides, American football league leaders don’t come to China very often.But you mustn’t sign with a nfl jerseys.

For another example, if you see your idol, you take a pirated CD to get your signature, or say to him, “Hey I’ve been porridge you since I was a child, and I’ve downloaded your songs to MP3.”Do you think you’ll get killed by other fans? Even if you don’t die, you don’t want to be considered a fan.The impact of rugby in the United States will make you disappear. Even wearing Nike’s full NFL shirt doesn’t work.

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Of course, it hurts to say that, in the United States, football stars stay in hotels almost 24 hours a day, where fans wear so-called authentic Nike NFL jerseys.Few can get autographs, many of the quarterbacks I see are very cold, and some defensive players are in a good mood occasionally and will sign a few for you.

Generally speaking,when it is a rainy day,the fans followed the player out of the door, and the guard locked the door in the back and said it wouldn’t open. Seriously, on this attitude to the fans, which face let the fans for your consumption?

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Official NFL jerseys for sale

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Different football teams have different concepts of NFL jerseys.Following me to have a look.

Carolina Panthers Jersey
It is just like the team’s name , the hornet needs to work together and work together to work together.The city version of the cam newton jersey is still Nike’s Logo, which is their exclusive benefit. The city version of the Carolina Panthers Jersey is flanked with hive patterns, and its wings reflect in the sun.So the team’s slogan, enter the Swarm that was placed on cam newton jersey plate.

Chicago Bears Jersey
Chicago is one of the most famous cities in the United States. The city flag and bull symbol of Chicago have become the great symbol of the city.The bulls’ urban Mitchell Trubisky jersey features four hexagons on the Chicago Bears, which brings together the pride of the city and the strong history of the team,and creating a succinct and legendary look.Look,the word “Sweet Home” above the Nike logo also illustrates the importance of home for the team.

Dallas Cowboys pro shop
It’s only in Dallas that you can feel the energy and energy that the skyline brings to the city.On the chest logo, Cowboys jerseys numbers and side decorations, the city’s version of the dak prescott jersey is not only reflects Nowitzki’s swing on the pitch, it also reflects Dallas’s evening energy.The ezekiel elliott jersey has the theme “only in Dallas” on the badge, and there’s something you can see only here.

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Denver Broncos
Don’t think that the mile is an empty point. As a plateau city, the local NFL professional soccer team, which will be painted purple at a mile high in its own home.At this altitude, Denver’s altitude is a unique challenge for rivals, and the design of the Von Miller jersey is officially inspired by their home height.

The application of metal and gold on the jersey and the two picks not only explain the characteristics of the city where the team is located, but also imply that Denver Nuggets will enter a new height.The “Mile High basketball” on the jersey sign illustrates the design philosophy of the john elway jersey.

Detroit Lions
The design of the Calvin Johnson jersey is characterized by the color details and sleek lines of chrome plating. This modern and concise design conforms to the design concept of the automobile and is also the biggest characteristic of the city of Detroit.The Motor City was placed in front of the chest as the main logo, and the D sign on the belt buckle symbolized the return of the team to the city and was the best manifestation of cheap authentic detroit lions jerseys defensive characteristics.

What I said above,the concepts of the NFL jerseys represents the pride of the city’s fans.